projects & productions

Layers of Rome

   The Layers of Rome Education Resource and Study Abroad Program is a platform for high school and college students studying and faculty teaching in the subject of the Roman Empire. The site includes lesson plans, presentations and online version of our interactive traveling exhibit for teaching and researching.

    John Leo De Frank is Co-Faculty as well as the Media Producer & Website Content Manager for the Layers of Rome Program assisting Program Director, Dr. Ronald Weber in the planning and implementation of the curriculum as well as producing media, marketing and development of media components curriculum. 

The Gray Vignettes

   Filmmakers, John Leo De Frank & Valentine Sandoval presents a short web-series told in a series of vignettes about the a 20-some generation of border-dwellers on the frontera of U.S. and Mexico and their struggles of defining one’s self in the early years of the new millennia.

    The story unfolds via a series of vignettes, elliptical rather than linear segments that construct our lucid and poetic narrative. A cast of characters that lives off of the residual, cultural, and  allegorical ramifications of the early years of the new millennia-with regards to the dialogue regarding the attempt to define their generation and the exciting potentials of this New America.

Only in El Paso - Conjuntos Nortenos

 This documentary-style video takes you alongside a Norteño duo as they play in downtown El Paso cantinas and share their thoughts and experiences regarding Música Norteña and its influence in the borderland. Conjutos Norteños is part of a series of short films told by local filmmakers/storytellers in El Paso, Texas and was sponsored by KCOS local affiliate of PBS.

View video HERE 

OFN - Orbis Forum News (prototype concept)

      Orbis Forum News is a prototype for a online quarterly news organization that produces and hosts stories from freelancers in the areas of print, photo, audio and video journalism.   In the fast pace world of instant-everything, it is OFN’s belief to share a lengthier magazine-style, in-depth way of story telling, to up root the patience in story telling as well as story absorption.        The purpose of OFN is to provide a forum for world news and a platform for up-and-coming professionals in story telling from their points of view, the community’s POV, the people’s POV.  We encourage and support freelance stories with the belief that stories are best told and understood when the author/producer is immersed in the culture and surroundings from which the subject matter comes, as opposed to the outside view that is found in most journalism.