Festivals & Events

Del Corazan Film Festival

     Del Corazón Film Festival is an International, film festival aimed at providing a platform for young and/or up-and-coming filmmakers of all ages.  The short -film festival showcases categories of Short Narrative, Short Documentary, Short Animation, and Music Video.  As a main sponsor and supporter Rebirth Multimedia has teamed up with host, Movimiento Hunab Ku to establish the film festival to be driven by the community.  The filmmakers are from the community, the festival is sponsored by local business/donors from the community and the festival is free and open to the community. 

      Del Corazón, meaning “From the Heart,” entitles the philosophy of festival to promote films made solely from the heart.  By this Del Corazón Film Festival’s mission is to be the podium for films with little to no financial support but yet have persevered through preproduction, production and post production with the only humble budget of blood, sweat and tears. 

John De Frank has played the roles of grant writer, coordinator, promoter, host, part of selection committee. 

ARRE! - Arts workshops for youth

   As our public school’s fine arts programs dissolve and budgets continue to be cut, the vision of this event is to give an alternative arena for the arts to thrive and the children to learn and discover what sows the cultures of our world.  ARRE! Let’s Do This, is a event with a two-part focus; to showcase young talent in the arts and performance throughout the city and local region as well as to inspire and captivate youth early on in life to take an interest in arts.

ARRE! Let’s Do This consists of one-part of hosting interactive “fun-shops,” with lessons in music, dance, art and performance taught by local artists.  The second part showcases the young talent along with local, adult artists in a multiple-act performance for the participants and their families.  Although, aimed at youth, ARRE! Let’s Do This, is a free event and open to the public. 

Amalia Mondragon was the creator, co-instructor as well as co-promoter and co-organizer. John De Frank was the grant writer, co-organizer and co-promoter as well as the media producer for the events.

Summer Cultural Brew

Summer Cultural Brew is a mini-arts festival held in Union Plaza Park every Thursday for a month in the summer time. The festival is composed of live music acts, spoken word, pop-up art gallery and cultural dance performances. The event has been sponsored by local business, grants form the city and donations. The event is free to the community. The mission of the Brew was to provide a platform for up-in-coming artists and performers to showcase their work as well as to provide  cultural enlightenment through arts for the community.

John De Frank has been the grant writer, organizer and promoter of the festivals over the years.