the business

  • De FRANK MEDIA was founded in 2004 as Rebirth Films for the sole purpose of producing independent films; with it’s first project, ‘THE GRAY,” an intended short film that was later adapted into a full-length film and is set to be released as a mini-web series.                                                                          
    De FRANK Media has since expanded its reach of filmmaking into the realm of multimedia by
    utilizing digital video, photography, audio, graphic design and web components.  Aside from filmmaking in the commercial, online video, documentary and narrative arenas. De Frank Media also works in community and educational arenas providing multimedia needs for non-profit organizations, foundations and community events as well as academic research in ethnographic studies and grant proposal marketing & video.
    De FRANK MEDIA works with both small and large budgets  with a tight crew, hand picked per
    project. We are dedicated to producing the best quality project for it’s cost as well as a fair and respectful relationship with our clients. By developing ideas and cultivating an understanding of our client’s needs, De FRANK MEDIA sets out to achieve our goal of client approval and surpass it with integrity and high expectations while producing creative, quality work.  Located in El Paso, Texas, De FRANK MEDIA  has the flexibility to work on local, national and global projects.                                            
    De FRANK MEDIA also takes pride in our ability to work alongside other talented independent and small business production companies to increase the number of “home-grown,” jobs for independent artists and freelancers. We do this by involving up and coming filmmakers, artists and journalists in hands-on training.  Many businesses hire by experience; we like to think we offer that experience. 


community & academia